Community Cup | Gabe’s Run 2010
Ipswich Men and Hamilton Women run away with the Community Cup.

Posted 11/29/10 5.08 pm

Ipswich 112 | Hamilton 144 | Beverly 271

It took strong performances by high school and college harriers from Ipswich to best Hamilton and Beverly for the Men's 2010 Community Cup. Teams from 11 different towns were automatically compiled from pre-race and race day registrations. The top seven finishers from each town comprise the community team. Ipswich won the Men's Community Cup handily. Greg Krathwohl led the team which also included Alex Vlahos, Jarret Harrigan, Thomas Josephson, Eric Krathwohl, John Wigglesworth, and Rick Rokes.

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Team XC Challenge | Gabe’s Run 2010
Monkey Jar, Richwohls and Run Hill or High Water win the Team XC Challenge

Posted 11/29/10 3.22 pm

What's in a name? Apparently everything except Vlahos or Josephson! Team Richwohls ran off to a first place finish in the Co-ed Team category with a low of 18 points. Patrick Rich, Greg Krathwohl, Alex Vlahos, Thomas Josephson, Heather Rich, Eric Krathwohl, Kevin Rich and Mary Krathwohl put it all together to best the field of seven teams.

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Top 25 | Gabe’s Run 2010
Fast feet win coveted Top 25 race shirts from Saucony!

Posted 11/29/10 2.35 pm

A new idea for our third annual race, and one that looks like an instant classic.

Gabe's Run Top 25. The premise is simple. Turn in one of the 25 fastest times of the day - get a cool technical shirt. Fifty shirts in all were given out. 25 to swift men and 25 to fast women. They're hot shirts and they went fast. We actually saw a runner wearing their shirt on a run later that same day! We've gotten many good compliments on the snazzy black Saucony pull-over, particularly from the many runners who pine for grabbing one of their own!

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Women’s 5K | Gabe’s Run 2010
Columbia University star Emily Lanois makes a statement with first place finish in 19 flat.

Posted 11/29/10 1.44 pm

You could tell from the start that Emily Lanois had something on her mind. Her 6:08 mile pace spelling out her intention, creating a comfortable lead and confidently covering the 3.12 miles in a crisp 19:00. This is the first time in her three trips to Gabe's Run the 2009 Hamilton Wenham grad had the opportunity to run fast. Coaches orders previously grounding her, except for a modest training run. But today was different. Coming home to run in honor of her training partner and good friend, Emily had one thing on her mind. Being first.

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Men’s 5K | Gabe’s Run 2010
Liam Anastasia-Murphy of Gloucester leads field of 352 to win the Men’s 5K race in 15:51

Posted 11/29/10 12.16 pm

By the time the Men took to the starting line, the rains were a distant thought. Comfortable temperatures and favorable conditions made for faster times across the board this year. Liam Anastasia-Murphy, high school cross-country standout from Gloucester and a member of the distance team at William & Mary took control of the pack at the finish for first place and a time of 15:51. Peter Gilmore of Hanson Mass, and a member of the distance team at Boston University followed Liam across the line a second later in 15:52. Peter has finished second in both 2009 and 2010. Third place was captured by Patrick Rich of Hamilton MA in 15:58. Pat Rich is assistant coach of the Hamilton Wenham Boys XC team and Distance Track team for Ipswich. This was his second top three finish.

Photos don't lie. After reviewing photos from the finish, we noticed...

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Pink goes green.

Posted 10/23/10 10.28 am

For the second straight year, volunteers for Gabe's Run have sought to run a clean green event. This year, with the help of Hamilton-Wenham Green we will improve our efforts for a greener Gabe's Run.

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It's big. It's bold and it's coming back for more!
Get your team together and join us for the Team XC Challenge!

Posted 10/20/10 12.04 am

Team Monkey Jars, Pink Ladies, 40 Year Old Sturgeons, X-Blades and Victorious Secret — just a few of the 20 teams that entered our first annual team XC challenge last year. The Team XC Challenge is our 5K team event and awards the top 3 team finishers in men’s, women’s and coed categories.

Forming a team is easy.
You must have at least 5 members to compete as a team. You can have more. Select a member of the team to register first, they register as the team captain and register the team name into our system (make it a good one!). Once the team captain has registered, others can register as team members...

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New for 2010!
Top 25 finishers in 5K race to receive special technical shirt.

Posted 10/17/10 10.47 pm

Every runner is driven by their own goals. Success comes in many forms. For some, it's an elusive PR. For many others it may be as simple as completing the 3.1 miles and feeling good about it. This year we have created a special award for those driven to run fast. Besides bragging rights, each of the top 25 finishers in both the men and women's race will receive our TOP 25 FINISH tech shirt.

So what will it take to win one this year? Run smarter? Run faster...

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New for 2010!
Nike Green Mountain Running Camp donates two $100 scholarships for Summer 2011.

Posted 10/15/10 9.22 pm

A $100 scholarship towards summer running camp at GMRC will be awarded to the top male and female finisher in the 5K race, high school grades 9 - 11. The Green Mountain Running Camp in Lyndonville, Vermont is a popular summer training choice for many Cape Ann League runners. Masco, Newburyport, Wilmington and Hamilton Wenham harriers — among many others - make the trip north just before they begin captains practice for the new season.

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Jackson MacDonald, Hamilton Wenham Regional High School
Recipient of the 2010 Gabriel Pacione CAL Scholarship

Posted 10/04/10 5.21 pm

An athletic scholarship awarded to an accomplished Cape Ann League (CAL) senior XC and or Track & Field athlete who leads by example and whose outstanding performance and sportsmanship encourages and inspires others in the athletic community.

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Kristen Ashley, Hamilton Wenham Regional High School
Recipient of the 2010 Gabriel Pacione Memorial Scholarship

Posted 10/04/10 4.50 pm

Awarded to an accomplished Hamilton Wenham Regional High School senior whose personal, academic, artistic or athletic success is complemented by the energy and passion with which they encourage others in our school community.

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2010 Scholarship Recipients

Kristen Ashley and Jackson MacDonald

Posted 09/27/10 11.53 am

Announcing the recipients of the 2009 Gabriel Pacione Memorial Scholarships. Kristen Ashley and Jackson MacDonald were chosen by their respective selection committees. Kristen and Jackson, shown here with presenters Nick Petrou and Justin Pacione, each received a $5000 scholarship from Gabe’s Fund to help offset the cost of college tuition for the coming year. We would like to extend a warm thank you to everyone who helped make these scholarships possible. It is these generous contributions and your participation in Gabe’s Run that make the scholarships possible.

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